After living in one white box after another, this army brat finally had enough. With his parents gone for the day, the then 10-year-old Michael Murphy scavenged paint from his neighbor's garage and restyled the family's cookie cutter army base housing into a designer showplace. (At least that's how he remembers it). Today, this talented designer still relies on the same principals that guided that 10-year-old boy: Use what you love; Color dramatically changes everything; and Good style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

After extensive careers in home furnishings (selling furniture at Sears) and women's fashions (dressing window's at Talbot's), Michael decided to head west to California. Actually, those were just two of the many part time jobs used to work his way through college. Shortly after arriving in California, Michael met a dramatic personality who was just launching an interior design show called "Interior Motives with Christopher Lowell."

For the past nine seasons, Michael has been an integral component in Christopher Lowell Enterprises. Beginning as Mr. Lowell's design assistant, Michael has been actively involved in every aspect of the home design arena. As Merchandise and Design Producer, Michael has styled hundreds of rooms for television, print, and advertising. Additionally, he had coordinated the launch of an international furniture line and national linen and bedding line. Michael Murphy's designs and styling have been featured on numerous television show across the country.

With this extensive background in the home arts, Michael has founded his own design studio aptly titled Michael Murphy Design. With the same foundation that guided him on an army base in Kentucky several years ago, Michael is designing rooms using the things you love, accented with dramatic color and a few inexpensive flourishes to give your room or house the revitalization it deserves.